Eligibility for membership

  1. Ordinary Membership shall be open to:
    1. Ex-servicemen and women who have served with the Jamaica Defence Force
      or with the colors in the Navy, Army, Air Force or any of the Auxiliary Forces of the Commonwealth.
    2. Men and Women of the Mercantile Marine who have served afloat
      during hostilities outside examination areas
    3. Any Commonwealth or naturalized Commonwealth citizen who has served in an allied Force.
    4. Serving members of the Jamaica Defence Force. (Not required to pay subscription)

    Provided however, that such persons under (i) to (iii) above have served for a period of at least three months, but the Branch may admit to membership persons who have served for a period of less than three months; and provided also, that persons who were dismissed with ignominy or whose service and character records in the opinion of the Branch make them unworthy to be admitted to membership shall not be admitted to membership.

  2. Honorary Members shall comprise all men and women, and their family who not being eligible for Ordinary Membership, accept and support the policy, aims and objects of the Branch.
  3. Friends of the Branch shall comprise all men and women who not being eligible for Ordinary Membership, by virture of their help, support and assistance to the Branch shall be deemed fit to be admitted as Friends of the Branch.

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